Wholesale Customer Notice

We will decide approval within 1 Business day.
If you are rush, Just call us 1-213-744-1223.

After Log-in with wholesale account, you can see wholesale price.

Shipping Fee – We offer free shipping on orders over $300 USD within the continental US.

Discount & Point – You can’t use any retail coupon code. Wholesale price is fixed. We just offer 3% point system of each purchase amount.   

No minimum order – We don’t have minimum order policy for wholesaler.

Resale Permit – If you are not in US, just put any business # in your country.

Address – After registration, you can easily add additional shipping address

Preferred Shipping Carrier – If you want to use your carrier account, write down your carrier company name and account number.

We server free delivery to downtown LA Cargo company for domestic and international shipping like Mexico, Puerto Rico and so on.