Q I don’t have business license. How to register wholesaler

A If you just start your business right away, just send us evidence of your reselling evidence. But you need to register wholesale account first. Just attached available evidence to file upload section.

Q What is mean that “In stock (can be backordered)” on the product detail or Cart page.

Q What is order processing step.

A After you placed order we process your order below step
   1. order placed (payment pre-checked, not charged yet)
   2. prepare items
   3. if we can’t processing fully, we will contact you
   4. add shipping fee
   5. change order status to process
   6. Fully charged and shipped

Q What is mean that “In stock (can be backordered)” on the product detail or Cart page.

A Usually, Wholesale customer can see backorder message of all merchandise. If there is message that “In stock (can be backordered)”, It is in stock items but you can order more than in-stock Qty. We usually ship together with backordered qty within 1 to 3 business day. If backordered qty takes longer than 3 business day, we will contact you to confirm it.

Q How to request back-order

A if items you want remain limited quantity, you can request back-order. You can send message using Contact us form. If the item is continue and available specific in-stock delivery schedule, we will activate back-order message for the item and email to you with available date. Except for bulk qty of back-order or special order, we do not request any security deposit.

Q When my credit card fully charged?

A After your order placed, we just authorized your payment. It is mean that we do not charged or captured your total amount before we shipped order. After order status changed to new order to shipped, we charge full amount.

Q What information do I need for wholesale register.

A We need information to confirm your wholesale account registration

Company information
     – Company name
     – Company address

Contact information
     – Your full name
     – Your position
     – Contact phone number
     – Contact email address

Business verification
     – Resales permit or EIN number for business

Shipping option
     – Your shipping company account# (optional)

After review we will change your account to wholesale within 3 business day.

Reward Points are just our way of saying thank you!

You can get reward points every spend with us, and below conditions.
Points are automatically added to your account after your order is confirmed.

  • Register Reward Point : 500 point = $5.00 value
  • Leave comments : 50 points for each product.
  • Purchase point : 3% cash value of Reward points of total purchase amount.

Point exchange rate is 100 point for USD $1.00
For example, if you spend $100.00 at our store, you can get 300 reward points of $3.00 cash value.

Actual Points which can be Redeemed may differ based on Tax Configuration.
Product review reward points only for reviews made by purchased user and just applied once per each product.

Where can I check my reward points?

A You can check your reward point at dashboard & reward menu. In the reward menu, you can check every reward history too.
Total available reward also shown in cart page to apply points easily.

Q How can I use my points?

A After log-in your account, you can apply your points in cart to process checkout order. You may use full or partial amount by manually entering a reward points.

Q Can I use reward points with other promotions?

A Yes, you can use your points at any time during purchase process.

Q What happens to my reward points, if I make a return?

A If you return an order, the reward points earned on that order will be deducted from your account.

Amazon login and pay is separated function with social login with amazon. For security issue, all orders are under the controlled by amazon pay.

To control all your order history and reward points, we restrict to register FashionFantasia.com to complete your order.

Your can check your order history both Amazon.com and FashionFantasia.com